On October 21st and 22nd, TheatreThirteen performed a Scratch Night, ScraTTch, at The Courtyard Theatre.

They performed ten wonderful pieces by emerging writers, directors and actors. The pieces ranged from comedy, to drama, to physical theatre and every piece received high praise from audience and industry alike.

Please find our pieces listed below:

A Cage Went In Search of a Bird
By Toby Parker Rees 
“Never seen this, though. Nobody’s every left this before. It’s moving, is it? So it’s alive?”
Actors: Nico Pimpare and Josie Underwood
Director: Ria Samartzi

Be Careful What You Wish For
By Joe Starzyk
Sometimes getting exactly what we want is the best thing that could happen to us. And sometimes it is the worst.
Actors: Kerry Lucy, Natasha Zacher and Stefan Boehm
Director: Peter Taylor

by Alistair Hall
“I couldn’t go from asking you to slow dance to wrapping my hands round your throat and calling you a cum-guzzler, James”
Actors: Alistair Hall and Matthew Egan
Director: Nico Pimpare

Cat, Woman
By David Lewison
“Ron, can I ask you something seriously? And can you give me an honest reply? Do you think I’m too devoted to my cat?”
Actors: Kiah Shabka and Aaron Peters
Director: Eleanor King

Do it for Her
By James Elliott
“When you’ve taken your daughter into the sea for the first time in her life, and you watch her face, that face you made, go from shock at the cold of it, to indignation that this thing the sea could even dare to be so cold, to sheer joy and delight as she clings onto you for dear life…”
Actors: Natasha Zacher and Cory Haas
Director: Esme Mahoney

By Jodie Clark O’Rourke
“Don’t be stupid, it’s a completely different calorie, Soph. Alcohol calories are not the same as food calories. It’s liquid; it has nowhere to stick, you Wally”
Actors: Jodie Clark O’Rourke, Chloe Darke and Lucy Adams (Sat) / Katerina Robinson (Sun)
Director: Lucia Cox

Nowhere to Go
By Kerry Lucy
“Please, please let me go. I won’t tell anyone, I’ll just go home and act like this never happened. I won’t tell the police or my family. I promise, you have my word”
Actors: Kerry Lucy and Funmi James
Director: Joel Smith

Safe Haven
By Kiah Shabka and Joel Smith
“We’ve been down here for three weeks now. What if this is just some fucked up social experiment?”
Actors: Kiah Shabka, Matthew Egan and Kerry Lucy
Director: Ellie Scanlan

By Brett Hursey
“Fine. Fine! Just a box of tampons – that’s all. That fixes everything so now you can go ahead and tell me how you want your eggs”
Actors: Funmi James and Hassan Govia
Director: Cory Haas

The Box
By Jamie Rowlands
“What if…? What if we open it? It’s natural human curiosity, wanting to see what’s inside…”
Actors: Jodie Clark O’Rourke and Chloe Darke
Director: Alex McCarthy

ScraTTch, 21st & 22nd October, The Courtyard Theatre